Discover the possibilities of working together with Vega López Jewelry. We are looking for retailers, online platforms, or brands to partner with us in creating exceptional experiences for customers worldwide. Together, we can bring elegance and innovation to the forefront of the jewelry industry.

Retail Distribution

Partner with Vega López to bring our collections to your retail outlets, enhancing your product offerings and delighting customers with our exquisite jewelry.

Online Collaboration

Explore opportunities for online partnerships, whether through e-commerce platforms, affiliate programs, or digital marketing initiatives, to reach a wider audience and drive sales.

Collaborative Collections

Collaborate with Vega López on exclusive collections or limited-edition pieces, leveraging our design expertise and your brand's unique identity to create captivating jewelry lines.

Corporate Gifting

Elevate your corporate gifting program with Vega López Jewelry, offering your clients, employees, or partners the gift of luxury and sophistication.

Special Events

Partner with us for special events, such as trunk shows, exhibitions, or promotional campaigns, to showcase our jewelry collections and engage with your target audience in memorable ways.

To explore distribution and partnership opportunities, reach out to us at sales@vegalopez.com